The most interesting find is that, according to Treasury’s recent report, those benefiting from the “middle-class” benefits under Bush not only would not lose those benefits under Obama, but also would fall under the bracket to incur increased taxation. Thus, the vast majority of Republican blows to the Obama camp lose merit. Without these numbers, the gray area in which these discussions necessarily exist become meaningless jargon housed not in constructive diaologue but constructed blabbering… The simple metrics, those earning over $x per year are in x class, should be widely understood. I fear that the majority of voting Americans do so not based on a founation of facts, but of muddled rhetoric created as ammo for the opponent, not information for the citizen. The capacity for citizens to uphold our civic duty is becoming less a function of apathy as well-intentioned prospective voters are delivered “information” that must be extensively checked for accuracy…

As much as I try to ignore the campaign hoopla, the Political Scientist in me sometimes just can’t resist. Krugman of the Times has an interesting column today clarifying some mininformation about the candidates’ respective tax plans, as well as quantifying such ambiguous terms as “middle class”: Article

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